From the President’s Desk

Thank you for taking the time to investigate your educational opportunities with Winning Souls Bible College & Seminary. We are excited to have students who hail from virtually every inhabited continent. Through the Internet we are able to meet the needs and wants of individual students who live in urban areas, the suburbs, and in areas where computers are available only in specific areas. Nevertheless, WSBC & Seminary comes to the assistance of anyone who wants a theological education, which is personalized, qualitative, and quantitative.

“Invaluable.” That’s how one of our students described his WSBC & Seminary educational experience as he was graduating. We could also add that WSBC & Seminary is one of the least expensive theological schools in the world! Our tuition is deliberately kept lower than that of most schools so that virtually anyone who wants theological training can find it at WSBC & Seminary.

I invite you to apply for admission to WSBC & Seminary. You will find that we are personable, personal, and most passionately interested in providing you with the knowledge of the Word, both written and living. We exist for one sole purpose, and that is to provide a means by which people like you may gain a deep, warm, and intensive knowledge of Jesus Christ and the methods by which to share our Savior with others.

If you have any questions, please write us at Remember, we exist to serve you!

Rev.Dr. Asher Salamat 
Founder/ Principal
Presidents of Winning Souls Bible College & Seminary
Professor of Pastoral Theology, Book of Romans