We have several highly qualified Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Members in several cities and states of Pakistan, but we still need more Adjunct Faculty Members.

Rev.Dr. Asher Salamat 
B.A, M.Div, D.D, D.Min, D.Th
Prof. Biblical Studies

Rev. Dr Ralph A. Etchu (USA)
M.Div, D.Min, Ph.D

Rev.Dr. Hezekiel Rahmat
B.A, B.Th, M.Div, D.D
Prof. Biblical Theology

Rev. Dr. Fiaz Masih
B.A,M.A (Urdu, History), M.Div, D.Min, DD
Prof. Survey  of  OT & NT and evangelism

Rev. Tony Willian
B.A, M.Div
Prof. Biblical Hebrew /Christian Apologetics

Bishop.Dr. Majeed Naz Ashiq.
BBA, M.Div, D.Min, Th.D
Prof. Christian Leadership

Dr. Anwar Zeshan
B.A, MA, M.Div, M.Th, D.Min
Prof. Christian Mission & Exegetical Studies

Rev. Dr. Marqus Shareef
B.A, MA, M.Div, D.Min
Prof. of Pentateuch

Rev. Qamar John
MBA, M.Div
Prof. Biblical Languages

Rev, Mahboob Naz
M.A, M.Div
Prof. Christian Ethics

Rev. Dilshad Waris
B.A, B.Th
Prof. Church History

Adjunct Faculty

Rev. Javaid John
Prof. Discipleship & Evangelism

Rev. Saleem Khokhar
B.A, M.Div
Prof. The Synoptic Gospels & Ministry of Jesus Christ 

Miss.Rubaqa Juston 
Prof. Women Ministry

Rev. Babar Waris
Prof. Biblical Studies